Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is typical a “holiday” I don’t really care for as I do believe that you should be showing your love and appreciation to the people in your life daily not just once a year. I have to admit though what girl doesn’t enjoy being spolit by their partner. I should give Justin credit though he always spoils me so my Valentine’s Day is definitely more than once a year!! View Post

Bath Time Essentials

No pamper evening is complete without a hot, long and luxurious bubble bath. I don’t have many pamper evenings (with us being in a drought and everything) I tend to do quick showers then bath – but every now and then mostly when it’s that time of the month and my cramps are just being an ass I love to take a hot bath to just relax and unwind. View Post

Life Changes

The first month of 2017 is already over and I honestly can’t believe that so many life changes has happened in my life in these few weeks. So many changes professional and personal –  that it has me racking my brain and a lot of adjustments. View Post