6 Months Later With Samsung s7


It’s been about 6 months now since I’ve purchased my Samsung s7,  which I got in March this year when I upgraded my cell phone contract.  Coming from an IPhone 5s which I absolutely hated it really has been an upgrade for me being that the iphone I had was much smaller then the Samsung s7 and I really wanted something different this time around. View Post

{Review} Essence All About Matt Oil Free Makeup

Essence All About Matt Oil Free Makeup _01

I’m back with yet another Essence Cosmetics review! Ah, you guys know how much I love Essence and many of you ladies have expressed to me in previous reviews that you don’t have this brand available to you in other parts of the world which really is sad. Essence is one of those brands that has hits and misses, not every product works for everyone – bit they have been a brand that has always impressed me time and time again. View Post