Why I ♥ Winter

Why I Love Winter

Winter is finally in full force here in South Africa, the sun sets much earlier and the weather is absolutely freezing. I for one is extremely happy that it’s Winter!!

I that it would be fun to share some of the reasons why I love Winter don’t get me wrong I love Summer too but that heat here in SA can really be too much for me and it makes me ill.

Lazy cuddle time

Would doesn’t love lazy cuddle times I an so happy just to get home and cuddle up in a bundle of blankets and with the boyfriend of course.

Stay in bed

I love staying in bed and because it’s so cold I have an excuse to get into bed very early and not feel bad about it.

Series Binge

Another amazing plus is that I get to Binge on some great series because I don’t have to be outdoors I get to chill and catch up to all series I’ve missed out on at the moment I am really into Vampire Diaries!

Pj’s all day!

I am all for comfort! When the weather is cold I love to be comfortable in my favourite pj’s and no makeup with is such a relief not to get all dressed up and having a fully make up face which does take its toll on my skin, I my skin gets to breath and I get to feel free.

Comfort Food

No more salads! I love soup and curries so Winter means I get to have all comfort food I have been craving food all summer long and don’t forget snacks!! Series and snacks are the perfect combination to survive cold winter days.

I am a home body I enjoy spending my winter hiding indoors and not going out and hardly seeing friends… This is time where I try and do as less as possible hahaha true lazy Winter. What do you guys like to do during Winter?