{Guest Post} Steal this look while on budget: Heidi Klum’s $70K a month rental


Hey Lovelies, today a feature another writer from Aussie, her name is Zoe! Have a read at her Get the look post.

You do not have enough money for a complete makeover of your home, but you still want to have something changed? Why not copy the absolute marble of a house that is Heidi Klum’s new rental house? Yes, it is too big and expensive, but do not despair.  Above all, Heidi’s house is practical and beautiful and there are tricks that, with a little bit of money, will get your home a more luxurious look.

Natural light

If your home has large windows and a sufficient amount of light, just let it be its greatest ornament. In order to make your home truly shine, stick to neutral colors and do not cover the windows with the heavy dark curtains. Actually, there are almost no curtains at Heidi’s place.


The Magic Carpet

Create an illusion and transform your small room into optically bigger one by adding a carpet. The bigger the carpet, the larger the room will seem. The main detail in most of the star’s rooms is a bright, colorful rug designed in Sydney which brings the essence of the room. Choose the shapes and sizes that best suit your needs and stay away from dark colors. Instead, bring cheerfulness to the whole ambient with an interesting and eye-catching patterns.

Less Is More

Instead of overloading the shelves with many things, go for a minimalist look – a few books placed upright with tall vases that fill the space nicely would be great. Also, to make the shelves more interesting, it wouldn’t be bad to add objects of different heights and colors. In addition, bookshelves and ornaments are best to be set in such a place that would be vacant and unused otherwise.

Move The Sofa Away From The Wall

You won’t find sitting furniture next to the wall in Heidi’s home. Sofas have attractive background and look wonderful when the coffee table is placed next to them. Experiment in your home and move the couches and sofas to create a decorative look. Set 2 sofas in the V position, or use tables next to them for that. You can place them so that they are parallel in relation to each other. Place the carpet under the sofa to define a space for conversations.

Sharp Edges

Even one piece of furniture, say a special chair or table, can give the charm to the room if they are placed at a certain angle. Take the time to find that perfect item that would look absolutely gorgeous if it were angled, in a room with other furniture that is set up in a straight line. Achieve the perfect harmony with a bit of misplacement.

Pictures At The Eye Level

Heidi’s home is filled with picture and everything seems to fit in nicely. This is because she didn’t make the mistake of putting the pictures too high on the walls. Put them at eye level (in some cases a little higher), so that the pictures are part of the room decor. If you have grouped pictures, place them on the floor first, and experiment with the set-up before you put them up. You can get creative and paint the pictures yourself or simply print out the ones you like and frame them.


Hide The Cables

If you want your home to look neat and clean, hide the cables. They’re not the pleasant sight to see in every corner, not to mention that you can easily trip over them. Nail them to the wall with a hammer, roll them in a decorative paper or hide them under pots, shelves, stands or chairs.

Change The Shackles

Shackles (handles, latches) can completely change the look of your kitchen units, and consequently, the whole kitchen. Choose beautiful details and give your kitchen a priceless look.

Go Green

The beautiful green wall on Heidi’s terrace is not just a dream. You can have it both inside and outside of your home. There are many options, and budget-wise, you can always opt for a pretty vine that’s easy to maintain.


Luxury new homes don’t have to automatically mean spending a lot of money and buying a new property. You can easily work with what you already have and make your living space a small piece of Hollywood. Contrary to the popular belief, cheap and luxurious can go hand in hand.

About the Author: Hi, I’m Zoe and I’m a chocoholic. Dreamer as I am, I love making lists and mood boards for everything I’d love to do. Traveling is my passion and my ultimate goal is to visit every single country in the whole wide world (and try its chocolate). So far, my magic number is 23. When I’m not obsessing about fantasy destinations, I’m designing a perfect home I’m once going to settle in. I believe we should experience unknown destinations to be able to fall in love with our homes once again.

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