​{Review+ Demo} The Brush Egg

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I won this nifty brushing clean tool on a blog and I have to say at first I was really skeptic. Told to myself that there’s no way that this oddly shaped tool could really do a great job in cleaning my brushes.

 I’ve always been cleaning my brushes just  with shampoo and rubbing my brushes in palm of my hands , it has been doing a good job just that it takes a really long to to get my brushes completely clean.. No one wants left over makeup dirt still stuck to their brushes how gross!


My friend Lizna from Pieces In Pink had one and was using hers for awhile she always told me how amazing it is and how badly I needed to try the brush egg too.. So luckily I won one yay! They retail for about R100 .. Don’t let the shape fool you cleaning my brushes are a dream now , oh man how wrong was I to judge this little buddy!


The brush egg has this domed shape and has a little pocket to easily slide your finger in it to get a better grip, on the other side it’s a flat surface with some bristles and this is where the magic happens… All you do is add your soup or shampoo on the brush egg and rub your brush on those and you will start to see the water changing colours and viola your brush can be clean in one minute!!

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I am super impressed , this brush egg has bad the job of cleaning my brushes a joy and not a dreadful chore like before .. If you looking for a great , affordable gadget to help clean your brushes then I definitely suggest you get the brush egg, they come in a variety of colours and the so small they won’t be taking up any space at all..


Check out a little demo I made on how to use the brush egg.


Have you tried the brush egg? What did you guys think about using them?