{Guest Post} Firing Your Laser – Laser Hair Removal Benefits

laserhairHey lovelies, I have been out of posting for a few days now, I have been battling the flu and toothache which is really draining me and so painful. Today I am featuring a guest post from the gorgeous Chloe – who is Chloe you might ask Chloe is a fashion-and-beauty enthusiast from Adelaide, Australia, editor at HighStyleLife and a Contributor to The Fashion Culte Magazine. Coffee addict, equestrian and a crazy cat lady. In love with koalas and Sicily.

Every woman has at least once wished for a fairy godmother that will rid her body of those annoying hairs. We are constantly fighting a battle with these pests and it seems like they are always the ones winning. But don’t despair, as reinforcements are on their way! Beside the usual waxing and shaving there are advanced methods which you can use to permanently remove hair from your body. These are some of the benefits that laser hair removal has to offer you.


Aesthetic Benefits

Nowadays laser hair removal has become one of the most popular aesthetic procedures performed on women. This is because this kind of hair removal method is quite practical and gives good results. This has proven to be most effective with women who suffer from excessive body hair. It can become quite uncomfortable and can have terrible effects on one’s self-confidence. Most women who undergo this procedure have confirmed that they feel much better in their own bodies and that they aren’t so self-consiouces about body hair anymore. It is convenient, non-invasive and works like a charm, what more can you wish for?


Medical Benefits

Other than the aesthetic part, laser hair removal has been proven to have many medical benefits also. For instance, these methods have been effective with reducing ingrown hairs. That is mainly because ingrown hairs mainly appear on areas of the body that have been shaved or waxed. Also laser treatments are recommended for people with sensitive skin. This s because certain hair removal products contain harmful chemicals that can be quite toxic for your body. Also razors are known to cause irritations and rashes. This is why switching to laser methods is probably more convenient. One of the methods that grew in popularity in the last couple of years is  definitely IPL hair removal. This technique is quite similar to laser hair removal but it’s different in a way that IPL is a non-coherent laser. This means that Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a more flexible method as there is no set laser wavelength


Financial Benefits

There is of course the financial aspect of the story. Looking at it objectively, laser treatments have been known to cost quite a figure. But in comparison to other methods and the fact that even the most simple things such as waxing and shaving require quite the investment, we can see that permanently removing your hair like this is quite profitable. Spending some money on a few treatments that will rid your body of hair for good is a much better investment than purchasing hair removal products and razors your whole life.

It is certain that these hair removal methods have their ups and downs, but taking everything into consideration you can clearly see that they are worth it. This is the best option if you are searching for a permanent solution that will be effective. It is also good as it is used to cover large areas of the skin and does it very quickly. A good side of these treatments is that they are basically pain-free. Of course this depends on the person itself and its pain tolerance, but it is much less invasive than certain waxing methods. Finally, you don’t need a fairy godmother, just a couple of treatments will do the work.


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