{Guest Post} Organizing A Walk-in Closet

Photo Credit: "Walk In Closet - Expandable Closet Rod and Shelf" by Wjablow - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons

Photo Credit: “Walk In Closet – Expandable Closet Rod and Shelf” by Wjablow – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons

To have enough space to find what you need in your walk-in closet, you need to organize it wisely. Here are some ideas how to do this with best results. Find ways to create more clothes storage, space for your shoes, accessories and choose a certain closet system that works for you and you won’t have problems. Maintaining a tidy and well organized walk-in closet isn’t difficult if you create a system and stick to it.

Cleaning the whole area of your closet before making the following changes will create you a clear view of the space you have. Many ideas how to use it can come into you mind. Cleaning and de-cluttering your walk-in closet will refresh it and make space for your garments. Remove the dust from all shelves, vacuum the floor and make sure you don’t miss a spot. After you complete the cleaning, plan the changes you intend to make and go shopping for the new items you need.


1.Hanging some clothes

Use the height of your closet the best possible way by mounting a double-rot organizer in it. On its upper bar store shorter clothes like tops and blouses, hang and place skirts and pants in the bar below. The end of the bar use to store your empty hangers. Sweaters and T-shirts which don’t need to be hanged, fold and place on a shelf.

2.Storing folded clothes

In the markets you can find different closet organizers for storing folded clothes. They should allow your clothes to breathe as well as save space. Well ventilated shelves protect the clothes from gathering pests and mould. There are wire organizers for clothes which have dividers that allow you to sort your clothes better for example by type, colour, etc.

3.Store dirty and clean clothes separately

Add a hamper to your closet to store dirty clothes away from the clean ones. Otherwise, the dirty will be near the clean clothes or on the floor and will make your closet become a real mess. Buy a portable hamper which has wheels or handles to ease its moving from the closet to the washing machine. There are hampers which can be placed over the door that save more space. If you want to sort clothes before putting them in the washing machine, use divided bags for laundry, sold in stores.

Shoe and Accessory Storage Solutions


Before arranging your shoes, check each pair that you have. There are many kinds of shelves, sold in markets that can be used. Sort shoes by height, type and style. They should be clearly visible and easy to find when you enter your closet. This will save you time in the morning and ease the cleaning of the closet are advising you from CarpetClean Stockwell. You can sort flat and small shoes two pairs at one place to save space. Tall boots should be positioned on the top shelf when they aren’t used and on the floor on boot trays when they are in season.


If you use your closet for dressing up, mount mirrors in it and place a jewellery tree or box to store your accessories. If you prefer to hide the jewellery and accessories, store them in drawer organizers. Put your purses and clutches, scarves an hats on hangers or use bins with lids for this purpose. Place labels on each bin and box if you prefer. Use drawer dividers to sort your items better.


Proper lighting is essential to making your walk-in closet bright and visible. Mount light from the ceiling, closet windows or lamps. Install a light blocking shade on the windows to protect your clothes from the sun and ensure privacy.


Cleaning your closet regularly is very important to keep it in in good condition. Provide proper vacuum cleaning, dusting and de-cluttering of your whole closet. Cleaning at least once a week is crucial to keep the dirt and dust away.

About the writter: Patricia is I a writer and a small cleaning business owner, she’s very active and energetic person. She is constantly looking for new ways to self improve and help others.

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