Mio Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Mio Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign_01

I received a product called Boob tube + from Mio to review, to help bring awareness of breast cancer – As many of you know October has been breast cancer awareness month. Yes, the internet has been blowing up reminding women how important it is to have ourselves checked out regularly.

I have personally not been affected by cancer nor breast cancer in particular, but I believe it’s important to make sure our bodies are healthy. Early detection is key , so don’t be scared – I know I am one of those women who try and avoid the doctor as much as I can.

Mio which is a skin care company from Poise Brands has partnered up with New Look , they are donating percentage of their sales throughout the year to help manage the appearance – related side effects of cancer treatment. Which is incredible!


Mio Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign_02

What is Boob tube+? Well boob tube+ is a product created by the brand Mio to help firm , brighten and product the bust. The older we get the sagging those boobs get too, as we all know so well!

I have noticed quite a difference in the appearance of my chest area in the few days I have been using this product, everything seems firm and toned. I would’ve never guessed to use a product on my check area before. It’s important for us ladies to take care our bodies and the chest is just another area we tend to avoid.

Not sure what all the warning signs for breast cancer are? See below snippet telling us what are all the warning signs to look out for.


Image Source : http://www.cansa.org.za/womens-health/