​{Review} Maybelline Master Class Liquid Eyeliner

​{Review} Maybelline Master Class Liquid Eyeliner_01

I have been using my Avon extended liquid eyeliner for a few months now and have been loving it, but I have noticed that the ink is starting to run dry which is why I was on the hunt for a new liquid liner , that can give me that oh so beautiful winged eye I have been wearing to death lately.

I haven’t really seen any reviews on the Maybelline masterclass liner,it’s the first time ever I bought it without seeing any reviews about a product-because I hate it when products disappoint and it works out to be such a waste of money.

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I have to admit that this Maybelline liquid liner had really impressed me so far! I purchase it for R115 from Zando, the price is actually really decent like so many Maybelline products which I love! The felt tip is super thin – so you can create a very thin wing or add layers to create a way more thicker line. The pigmentation is really great it gives me a really dark black.


I also find that this liner doesn’t smudge at all, unlike my Avon liner which smudged quite often after application and always left me going back in and fixing it(probably because I had it for too long). The Maybelline masterclass liquid liner is sturdy and precise, if I can create a decent winged eye with this baby then well everyone can.

Maybelline Master Class Liquid Eyeliner_

I can’t wait to get my hands on more of these eye liners its really a great value for money and the quality doesn’t slack at all, so far so good – this has become my new go to everyday liner to use!