{Review} Inglot Freedom Palette

Inglot Freedom Palette_03

You guys have seen me mention the Inglot Freedom Palette before on my blog – I also created a purple smokey eye look with these gorgeous eyeshadow, if you have not seen that post then read this post here.

Inglot has created an easy way for us to collect our favourite eyeshadow colours all in one palette, now we all have different tastes and if you like me I prefer a much neutral eyeshadow collection and hardly ever have bold eye colours – to be honest these purple eyeshadows are as bold as my collection gets!

Inglot Freedom Palette_01Inglot Freedom Palette_02

You can get more then just two in a freedom palette I just got these two in a competition I won a think it’s about a year ago , and I only recently starting using these. I am totally obsessed with how creamy and smooth these eyeshadows are they literally glide on with ease. As you guys can tell from the photos the formula does not skip on pigmentation either! These are the only Inglot eyeshadows I have used and it’s really impressed me so far, I have purchased an Inglot foundation before which I love and wouldn’t mind getting another. I am not too sure at how much the palette but itself cost because I won it but I do know that the single eyeshadow are R99 each. You can get really good use out of these and I just love the fact that I can actually create my own palette with the eyeshadows I love, much like the z palette but without having to depot single eyeshadows.

Have you used any Inglot eyeshadows before?