{Event} Heavenly Spa Re – Launches

Heavenly Spa Treatment Room

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Beauty Candy Loves was invited to be at the re-launch of the Heavenly Spa at the Westin – Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend #workinggirlstruggles! I asked my friend Tiffany to attend on behalf of BCL.Tiffany shares her experience attending the re-launch of the Heavenly Spa.

Last week Thursday, 28 January, I was afforded the awesome opportunity to attend the re-launch of the Heavenly Spa, at The Westin .I must confess, this was not only the first time at an event of its kind but, also my first time at a spa. So naturally I was overly excited! And boy did this experience exceed any and all expectations!

So firstly, let me describe how I experienced the event. I arrived just after 6pm at The Westin and was greeted by the friendly staff and event organizers. The weather was a perfect summer’s evening, so we enjoyed some welcoming drinks from a selection of various fruit juices to champagne outside. Naturally I had the champagne I got to meet various other bloggers and even a few celebrities #DayMade!

We were then escorted to the 19th floor where upon arrival inside the spa, each person was given a colour ribbon. This was used to divide us into tour groups. But before the tour began, everyone met in the candle room for some lovely canape’s, more wine and a few informative speeches.

Now, let me tell you about the spa itself. My first impression was tranquil elegance. The use of nudes and natural tones on the walls, and furniture finishes and soft lighting sets the tone for a relaxing yet very stylish environment.First stop on the tour was the gym. With state of the art equipment and gorgeous a view of the Cape Town harbor, even I was inspired to want to get into shape. And what a view! Next stop was the hot spa and sauna. And it was well, hot, lol. With a stunning view as well of course and very spacious. I was amused by the sign that read “No nudity allowed”

Heavenly Spa Infinity Pool

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Heavenly Spa Sauna

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Then we were ushered to the pool area. The water looked so inviting! And with the breathtaking view of the city, I’m sure that swimming in that pool, would be as if you are swimming in the “heavens” At the pool side staff was on hand as well to offer us shoulder massages. Just what I needed! And last but definitely not least the mani pedi room  A new feature at the spa. I selected two beautiful colours, a bright purple and a charcoal grey from the Morgan Taylor range of nail enamels and received a fabulous mini manicure! Bonus! Nails ready for J&B Met, lol! But on a more serious note, I need to make this kind of treatment part of my beauty regiment, like seriously!


And so after all the hob nobbing, delightful canape’s, mini deserts, copious amounts of champagne, massages and mani’s, the evening drew to a close. Not before receiving a wonderful gift bag though.I was delighted to find the luxurious black pearl products in my bag! Oh I almost forgot to mention that the spa uses these glorious products for facials etc. Thank you to The Westin and Heavenly Spa for a unique and unforgettable evening! You guys sure know how to make a girl feel special!

For more information on the packages and different treatments Heavenly Spa has to offer you can check out their website here