{Review} Essence Cosmetics All I Need Concealer Palette

{Review} Essence Cosmetics All I Need Concealer Palette_01

I’ve been looking all over for an all in one colour correcting concealer palette but never really had the balls to purchase one.  I have been using the LA Girl Orange concealer which I bought from Dischem and it’s been working wonders for my under eye dark circles.  Essence Cosmetics sent me this All I Need Concealer palette which some other new releases. I thought I would share my two cents on this palette and it it personally worked for me.

Essence says that this palette offers five different shades for a variety of combinations, they can be mixed to suit your skin tone. What do all of these different colours do?

{Review} Essence Cosmetics All I Need Concealer Palette_03

Pink and yellow : Are complimentary colours to purple so these are perfect for reducing dark circles under the eyes.

Green: It neutralizes redness, so any red blotches you might have this should be used.

Lighter and darker beige shades : These have a mattifying effect, they have a creamy, powdery texture that is easy to blend.

Sounds amazing right, but does it really work well? Personally I think the idea of this is brilliant a compact easy to carry all in one colour correcting palette is just genius. Sadly the quality just wasn’t as amazing as I thought it would be, I have major dark circles and I found that the the colours I added lighten the darkness under my eyes but not as well as my LA Girl Orange concealer does. I am hardly disappointed with Essence Cosmetics products unfortunately this just wasn’t as amazing as I expected,  I prefer a thicker concealer, these textures are creamy and best for someone who doesn’t have as dark circles as I do, I did however find the green shade to work really well with the redness I have been having around my nose area, they have been less noticeable.  These are best applied before you add your foundation or that’s just the way I found them to work. For only R79. 95 they are really affordable, but personally I would much rather not use them for high coverage but more for everyday use.

Discloser: This product was sent to me by the brand,  all thoughts shared  are my honest opinions –  always.