{Review} Tangle Angel Classic

{Review} Tangle Angel Classic_01

I have been a major fan of Tangle Teezers I purchased my first ever last year and it’s literally been the only brush I’ve been using.  My hair tends to fall out a lot more then usual when using a comb or a regular brush, tangles are insane and it hurts like he’ll when trying to comb them out.

My tangle teezer has been my best friend for bruising my hair which also made me think about getting the Angel Teezer who have I have been seeing all over social media.

{Review} Tangle Angel Classic_03

{Review} Tangle Angel Classic_02

I finally took the plunge a few weeks ago and bought it, I have thought about getting one for weeks already before I actually bought it, the tangle angel is not cheap so I wanted to make sure it was money well spent. When staying over at Justin’s place I always forget to carry along my tangle teezer so I had to get another and the cool thing is is that the tangle angel actually have a handle which makes it so much easier to brush through my hair.  The Angel Teezer has a unique design it comes in a heart shape which angel wings and the classic version which is the one I got actually is rubber which makes it easier to grip and to withstand heat which using it when I blow dry my hair.

I am obsessed with this brush and keep this when I’m home and use my tangle teezer when I’m at Justin’s place it makes it easier to carrying around with.  Is it worth the money? I personally think it is, I just find that nothing else on the market works as well getting rid on my knotted hair, like this baby and it’s so comfortable to hold too…  Have you guys used the tangle angel before?