My Favourite Winter Single Eyeshadows

My Favourite Winter Single Eyeshadows_07

I have been dabbling quite a bit with my eyeshadows I normally stick to using palettes , but I’ve been using more and more my single eyeshadows. My single eyeshadows are easily missed or at least by me they are – I just don’t use them as much as I should , because they are such a pain to carry around and storing them is can be such a chore.

For those lazy days when one eyeshadow colour is more then enough , I have been reaching for my single eyeshadows because they are bigger then my palette eyeshadow making them easier to stuck my finger in to get some product and bam colour on my eye lid, might be the lazy way of apply eyeshadow but I find it easier to use my finger and the colour pay off seems to be more intense then using a brush , it’s quicker when I have literally a few minutes to apply my makeup before running out of the door trying not to be late for work. These are my current favourite single eyeshadow that are perfect for Winter.

My Favourite Winter Single Eyeshadows_08 My Favourite Winter Single Eyeshadows_04

Essence Cometics : All Or Nutting

Perfect for the days when you want the no eyeshadow makeup look, it the prettiest light brown. It blends really good and it’s quite creamy.

Essence Cosmetics The Velvets : Coral Me Maybe

This coral eyeshadow colour is great for Winter and Summer , the pretty coral shade is great for a quick pop of color, I put this all over my lid and when I want to add some drama I will use the Essence Keep Calm and Berry on in the crease. The Essence Cosmetics velvet eyeshadow collection has got to be on of my favourite single eyeshadow.

Essence : Keep Calm And Berry On

Hello pigmentation! The colour of this eyeshadow is a true dee berry colour – I usually use this shade to the crease of my eye lids, great for a berry smokey eye for a night out.

Colourpop: Stereo

The only Colourpop eyeshadow I own, this baby is just simply gorgeous the wet like – mousse texture is a dream to apply with your fingers, I simply add the eyeshadow all over my eye lid. It contains some glitter and its just such a beautiful colour, this is also the most long-lasting of all my eyeshadows that I own I had to scrub my arm for two days to get it off, but nothing like a good makeup remover can’t remove, you can be sure that this eyeshadow will last you the entire day with no fade.

Essence 3D: Irresistible Smokey Eye

This duo has come in handy so many times, I really like the Essence 3D eyeshadow collection because you get two shades that compliment each other in one little compact size  perfect for the handbag. For a quick smokey eye this is just great to have.

MAC Cosmetics: Whethered

One of only two MAC Cosmetics items I own, this eyeshadow color is just a beautiful black shade, and like all MAC products you can really tell how great the quality is compared to my cheaper eye shadows, except Colourpop I don’t know how they do it but it blows those higher end brands out of the water when it comes to value for money and amazing quality, this shade is just beautiful to pop in to crease for a sultry smokey look and definitely deserves the spot as one of my favourites.

So that’s it – all of my current favourite single eyeshadows I have been using to death recently.