New Cadbury 5Star Chocolate

New Cadbury 5Star Chocolate_01

There’s a new Cadbury chocolate in town and that’s called the Cadbury 5Star – an odd name choice by Cadbury but don’t let that fool you this have been declared by Justin as his new favourite!

What girl doesn’t love receiving chocolates, it’s the ultimate gift! I was so surprised when I received these newly released Cadbury chocolates on my doorstep (maybe exaggeration at my work’s office).

New Cadbury 5Star Chocolate_02

The Cadbury 5Star  is a mouth watering combination of Cadbury chocolate , sure to tantalize your taste buds. This new chocolate bar consists of chewy golden caramel, which is wrapped around soft chocolate cream centre and crunchy biscuit bits.

This new addition to the Cadbury family released in South Africa 30th June. Although I have not seen these in stores as of yet, but hopefully soon I will be getting my hands on more of these. I have never taste any chocolate bar in South Africa that’s similar to this at all, it is by far one of the best, if not best chocolate bar I’ve ever tasted. Justin is a massive lover of chocolate this has been approved by him so I know it must be good! His one fussy guy when it comes to chocolate ! Haha… I would definitely recommend you try these if you a chocolate lover like I am these will become your new best friend.

For more information about the Cadbury 5star chocolate bar I urge you to check out the Cadbury 5Star Facebook page here.