Things I’m Looking Forward To This Summer

Things To Look Forward To This Summer_01

Summer will be heading our way soon while the rest of you guys in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying the end of super us on the Southern Hemisphere have been battling with the cold of Winter.  I for one have had enough of the cold and rain and I’m rather looking forward to some sunny weather in my life…

I thought I would make a list of things that I am looking forward to doing when Summer hits us in a few weeks.

Say Hello To Skirts

Goodbye jeans all Winter look and say hello to flowy, feminine skirts. Wearing skirts has become my new must have clothing  item for Summer and I can’t wait to finally be wearing more of them this Spring and Summer.

No More Pale Skin

I have been hibernating this Winter and there has barely been enough sun to help my pale ass face. Warmer does means I get to have my naturally tanned skin back, then again because I tan so easily I do have to be careful too.

New Hair Colour

For the warmer seasons I do like to do lighter with my hair colour, I’m really looking forward to changing up my hair colour and try to get rid of the black dye which I was dumb to do because it’s going to be tough to strip my hair from the black dye so that I can rock a lighter shade.

Holiday Season

Warmer days also means that the holiday season is nearing! I am so excited to just relax and spend some time with friends exploring Wine lands and beaches. I will also be taking two weeks off from work which isn’t much but I do get to spend time off with Justin just soaking up the lovely weather.

Better Photo Quality

Probably one of the things I’m most excited for better weather also means better natural light! Winter has been brutal for me in taking photos because I don’t have a ring light and depend on good natural light to be able to take my photos for the blog.  Finally I’d be able to take some good photos because the sun will be setting later.


Ah comfy sandals oh how I missed you terribly,  feels like my feet have been in jail with boots this Winter finally I will be able to have my feet breath and be able to wear comfy sandals to work.

There are so much things I could mentioned that gets me all excited for the warmer seasons.  Too much  to mention! I do hope we’ve have to be really careful because I do suffer from low blood pressure the hotter days means I have to take extra care of myself I tend to get dizzy a lot so protecting myself against the heat become my number one priority although I can’t wait for romantic strolls on the beach at sunset and having cocktails with friends. What are you guys excited to do during Summer?