Welcome to Beauty Candy Loves.

Hello and welcome to Beauty Candy Loves. My name is Candice and this is my personal beauty and lifestyle blog. I started Beauty Candy Loves in 2013, after being exposed to the world of beauty in South Africa doing some working on a South African Beauty Website. If you want to know more About me then keep on scrolling.

Beauty Candy Loves focuses on the beauty reviews, makeup reviews, and the hottest makeup trends taking the beauty community by storm. I have many loves and Beauty Candy Loves is a place where I get to share them all with you.

This is my space where I get to share what I love with the world. I have no prior experiences with the beauty and digital world. So everything that’s created on BCL is skilled I have developed over the years and many Youtube tutorials.

So follow my journey as an average South African girl learning how to find her way in this big South African Beauty Blogging industry. I am no pro when it comes to makeup, every day I am still learning how to apply my own and finding what works for me.

I have been also been featured on other blogs like Inspired Living SA and Gentle Orchard.