Weekend Wanderings

I hardly ever share my weekend wanderings with you guys, mainly because my weekends are pretty boring. Justin and I usually end up just going to the mall, watching a movie and staying at home. This past weekend we actually spent times with Justin’s mom’s ( and my new mom’s) which was really nice to catch up and spend time with some family for once. View Post

LA Girl Cosmetics Strobe Lite Strobing Powder


LA Girl Cosmetics are definitely one of my all time favourite pharmacy brands – they almost always deliver on quality! Theres quite a few of their products I have been obsessed with namely their matte lipsticks , concealers and bb creams. When I think of LA Girl Cosmetics I think of amazing , affordable products. I purchased one of their brand new LA Girl Cosmetics Strobe Lite Strobing Powder a few weeks ago. View Post