Best Christian Dating Sites 2019: Faith-based Compatibility for Christians

Best Christian dating sites 2019: faith-based compatibility for Christians

Looking for love is not easy: we all have different criteria for what we want in a partner, and what values need to be shared. For many, there can be no compromise, and certain beliefs, such as faith, must be shared.

Many dating sites exist to meet this need: if you sign up for any Christian dating site, you are most likely a Christian faith person looking for another Christian to share your life with.these are the best Christian dating sites if you are looking for just that.

1. eharmony

1. eharmony
  • An accurate recording process
  • You cannot view photos or message users without a subscription

eharmony can not be considered a dating site based on the Christian faith, but its completeness in helping to establish who you are and what you are looking for helps Christians find other Christians relatively quickly. And because of its popularity and the number of users, there may be a larger pool of Christians from which you can find your match.

When you sign up for eHarmony, you can declare your religious beliefs and refine your matches based on your beliefs. Christians report the greatest success in finding a partner through eHarmony.

eHarmony, along with it also boasts the largest number of marriages compared to other dating sites. For many Christians, marriage can be the goal of dating – joining a marriage-oriented dating site can prove to help them work for this goal.


  • host group events so that users can meet in person
  • Cannot send messages to other users without a subscription

Along with eHarmony, it markets itself as a place where people take online dating seriously and have signed up to find a life partner (although it is also designed for casual daters). There’s a very thorough questionnaire that asks questions about you and also about the range of emotions you’ve experienced in the last two weeks.

And just like on eHarmony, you can declare your religious convictions and refine your matches based on your faith you want in a partner – this is particularly useful for people who are looking to meet a partner with similar, if not identical, views on faith and religion.

3. Christian Mingle

3. Christian Mingle
  • Exclusively for Christians
  • Any profile changes must be approved and approval can take a few days
  • Many consider the site too expensive

Christian Mingle is one of the best known sites to find a God-centered relationship with another Christian, but it doesn’t mean it’s for everyone: matches can live miles away and the monthly cost (about $50) can be considered too expensive for some.

Although the site is for Christians looking for other Christians, there is no real way to check profiles: anyone can pose as a Christian and create a profile that follows the strict rules of the site.

Christian Mingle provides different types of quizzes and tests to help you determine what you are looking for and also who you are, as a Christian. These results are confidential, but they will help refine your matches.

Despite the site and service flaws, if you are a Christian looking for a Christian companion, you would be remiss not to try Christian Mingle.


  • A Christian property site
  • Possible group conversations
  • Maybe it’s not the biggest pool of potential encounters. it is a Christian-owned dating site, so users know that facilitating Christ-centered marriages is the centerpiece of the service. he claims to have led to more than 25,000 marriages, and since 1999 has been in cahoots with Christians.

Among many of its features, the site offers forums where users can discuss their faith and possibly connect with another special person.

The site is used and loved not only by young Christians, but also by the elders who share faith in Christ. Anyone who wants to find a Christian companion, divorced, widowed or single, is welcome on the site.

ChristianCafe allows users to refine their search based on denomination, level of christian faith, level of Church involvement, and other criteria – a huge benefit for those to whom faith is important, but not necessarily the most important factor that contributes to a meaningful connection.

5. ChristianCrush

5. ChristianCrush
  • Great for those who care about their faith
  • A lot of support content to help users find God in their relationships
  • May it not be for all Christians

ChristianCrush can be one of the most Christianity-focused dating sites out there: not only does the service match you with Christ’s compatible believers, but it also provides support content to help its users live lives that “honor God,” as per one of their principles. It is easy to merge and easy to use, despite the old-school interface of the site.

The site also offers content regarding the study of couples ‘ Bible, porn addiction, and bringing faith in a relationship to the fullest. Many Christian Daters online can find this support content useful, especially when trying to browse total unknown dating for the first time.

Unfortunately, for younger users who prefer to hang out around, there is no mobile app. And unfortunately for older users who might not be like tech-Savy, there is no profile verification process (users don’t even have to upload a photo to create their profile).

6. Mutual

6. Mutual
  • For LDS church members specifically
  • The free version is limited, and the monthly payment for premium features can be considered expensive

Mutual is a free dating app for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. By setting up a profile, the app works similarly to Tinder. If two people express interest in each other as they go through user profiles, they are matched and able to start talking.

There is also a “Double take” function where you can get a second chance to swipe right on a profile if you accidentally skip it while swiping. Facebook is required to use the app. This is to help eliminate the presence of fake profiles or bots.

Since Mutual is specifically for LDS followers, this site might be the best opportunity for LDS members to meet outside of church-organized events. It is becoming increasingly popular within the community and has led to marriages between LDS members.


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