Photo Editing Apps Worth Using

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I haven’t shared one of these non beauty posts in a while with you guys, my posts has slowed down a lot in the last few months, to be honest life and work has just been insane – not that that’s an excuse but blogging is a part time love for me and as much as I would love to put more time aside for my passion its just hard. Thank you for those who have been barring with me and for all the support , now for the reason for today’s post – I have been playing around with quite a few different photo editors and thought I would share my favourites with you guys! View Post

​Apps Every Blogger Should Have

Apps Every Blogger Should Have

​Who says being a blogger is easy? I for one had no idea how much attention and work running a website demands from me. It always looked so easy looking through top websites where bloggers have thousands of followers – I night not have thousands of followers but during the two years I’ve been running my own blog I have learnt a trick or two in helping me manage time and make things easier on myself.I will be sharing apps every blogger should have… View Post