DreamMates: Online Dating

dreammates-registration-free DreamMates: A Dating App

DreamMates is a very low-end dating service, with low-end results.

DreamMates has a shared network that allows you to connect to affiliated sites.
The dating pool is very limited.

Note: This product was removed from our side-by-side comparison because it was no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but the top ten reviews are no longer updating the information of this product.

DreamMates is a joint service with another online dating service called singleme. The two websites are on the same network; both share the exact same design, the same members profiles and the same owner, Vintacom Media Group Inc. The homepage of the two websites are slightly different, but both feature an identical tour and the same pages and features throughout. However, the demographics of visitors are slightly different. When you join one of Vintacom Exchange’s Online Dating Sites, you will enter the pool for all their dating sites.

DreamMates: A Dating App dating-mobile-01

DreamMates has a slightly higher relationship between men and women and their participants earn less and are older than visitors to SingleMe and the relationship exchange network as a whole. This site receives only 1% of the site traffic at the top of the ranking, Match.com he receives every month.

The profile configuration process is simple and simple. You can sign up for free, but sooner or later you’ll have to sign up for premium membership. To start making your profile, you get into your basic features such as hair and eye color, education and smoking and drinking habits. The rest of the profile is quick to complete with a series of checkboxes to indicate activities, sports, entertainment, hobbies and interests.

dating-mobile DreamMates: A Dating App

DreamMates, as part of the relationship exchange, offers a standard online dating mechanism with a very limited pool of potential dates. With the options of dating, relationship or intimate encounters further diluting the pool of dating, it is quite unlikely to find your dream partner. Try one of the topmost Online Dating Sites for better options.


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