Elite Singles: Dating Site and App Review

elitesingles-review_03 Elite Single Review

Elite Singles is a comprehensive dating site that has been relatively effective compared to the others we have tested.

The site gives you the results of your personality test
You cannot view photos or message users without a subscription

Elite Singles is an online dating site that asks questions not only about how you look physically, but what you are like a person. The profile setup survey asks a wide range of questions, including whether your room is typically bulky, whether you consider yourself patient and whether you are hot, positive, Conservative, honest and numerous other personality traits.

Just like eHarmony, Elite Singles make you answer these questions on a scale, so you don’t have to decide between a simple yes or no. This installation process took about 25 minutes to complete our reviews, the longest of all the dating services we tested.

An important aspect of configuring your account are the questions that Elite Singles poses about your potential mate. The quiz asks you to decide how important it is that your potential matches have certain personality traits such as morality, reliability and risk-taking. You are also asked to decide whether the physical appearance is important.

elitesingles-review_02 Elite Single Review

If marriage is your ultimate goal, the site asks you to note whether it should also be important to your partner. Unlike services with short configurations like Tinder and Bumble, this service has an accurate matching process that should reveal a lot about compatibility with other users.

A neat feature about Elite Singles is once you set up your account, you can see your own personality profile. This profile shows you on a scale what you are in certain aspects of life, such as being outgoing or conscientious. It’s a great visual way to look at all the information you’ve entered about yourself and see it displayed in a way that’s easy to digest.

Setting up the dating profile is free, but using this service actually requires a paid subscription. There are three membership levels, the most basic of which gives you unlimited messages and matchmaking services. The other two membership levels have different prices, but add on the ability to see all the members ‘ photos, get notifications when your messages have been read and know who visited your page.

elitesingles-review_01 Elite Single Review

With a free subscription you know how many matches you have, but you can not see their photos – only their profile information. You can also not send or receive messages without paying, but you can send a “smile” If you want to flirt for free. Realistically though, you can’t really use this site without paying for it. Elite Singles also offers its services via a free smartphone app. The app is easy to use, but also essentially useless unless you have paid a subscription to access messaging and user photos.

For testing, we created three fake accounts and left them active for about 24 hours. One account was a woman looking for a man, one was a man looking for a woman, and another was a woman looking for a woman. All three fake users were in their 20s or 30s and had equally generic profiles. The accounts received an average of 17 matches, with 76 percent of them displayed as an 80 percent match or higher.

Although it may be more obvious about a paid version of the website, our reviewers have struggled to find blocking or reporting features on Elite Singles and ultimately had to do a Google search to find out. If you find love, delete your account is easy to do from the settings menu.


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