Favourite Nude Lip Combo


Nude lips has got to be my favourite lip colour to wear,  it’s a shade you can only off all year round no matter what season.  Nudes can also vary in shade depending on what skin colour you are.

favourite-nude-lip-combo_02 favourite-nude-lip-combo_03

My current lip combo I’ve been wearing to death lately has got to be the Essence Cosmetics lip liner in the shade lovely Frappicino,  essence lip liners has always been my favourite lip liners I find that the roll up lip liners are just so way better then their pencil lip liners.

These are creamy, glide on like a dream and are super pigmented and did I mention extremely cheap?! I love pairing my “lovely Frappicino” lip liner with my LA Girl Matte Pigment Gloss in the shade “Fleur” on my skin tone it’s just the perfect everyday nude. The matte lip gloss lasts all day long, just be sure you scrub your lips really well as it does tend to get drying on the lips and crack a bit.  As far as that I actually wear the LA Girl matte lip gloss almost everyday I just don’t have time for touch ups during the day and this stays put through coffee and food, they are transfer proof when they are completely dried down,  although when eating certain foods they can start to transfer.

Together these two lip products are my favourite nude lip combo that I have been wearing all year round. What’s your favourite nude lip products?