Home-made Blackheads Remover

Home-made Blackheads Remover

One of the tiniest yet most annoying problems a person can have is the accumulation of blackheads on the face. Blackheads, or open comedones, are small, dark spots on the skin made up of dead skin cells, bacteria, and debris gathered in your hair follicles. These are caused by small blockages in the opening of the pores that prevent glands, such as dead skin cells and oils, to secrete and shed.

People think that blackheads are acquired from dirt. When you see a bunch of blackheads, the tendency is you squeaky clean your face or nose. I will tell you this now: no, scratching your face very hard to remove your blackheads is not the solution! This will only irritate your skin and will cause dryness, which is actually causes of blackheads.

Hormones are usually the causes of these skin imperfections. It produces excess oil produced inside the pore which prevents it from flowing naturally to the surface. The excess flow of the oil gets backed up and mixes with dead skin cells that cannot be shed normally.

This combination of excess oil and dead skin cells is exposed to the air. It is oxidized and turns to black, causing blackheads. Actually, not all blackheads are black in color. There are some that are yellowish. Yes, I know. Blackheads are disgusting especially if you squeeze it and see the real image of it.

Some people may also have whiteheads, but they are not as common as the blackheads. But they are basically the same thing. Both have the same causes and both are disgusting and pesky to look at. The only difference is that the whiteheads are closed comedones.

And although very small, when you look at it, they appear as a single speck of dust, blackheads could be very hard to remove from the face, especially on the nose where many blackheads could be found because they tend to be sticky. Despite them being sticky, many people squeeze their blackheads using their fingers (me included!). But this is not recommended because our fingers have dirt and oils that make cause further breakouts. Also, you might tend to scar your face.

Another reason why they are hard to be removed is that blackheads are deeply rooted inside the skin. They may be small on the outside, but you will really have a hard time removing them unless you squeeze it. You may feel satisfied squeezing your blackheads, but I swear, you will not like to scar your face.

So to effectively remove blackheads, there are many beauty products that can do the work. But the problem is such products are expensive and have chemicals and unwanted ingredients. They may get rid of your blackheads, but they may create other problems on your face, irritation being the number one in the long list. Then this irritation will just cause more blackheads. The cycle goes on and on. Do you want your face to be inflicted with chemicals? Beauty Candy Loves don’t think so.

Pore strips or peel-off masks can also be used. Pore strips are strips you put on your nose or elsewhere on your face while peel-off masks are masks you put on your entire face. Leave these products to dry on your face and pull it off. Blackheads will magically stick on the strips and come right out of the pore. But then again, pore strips are expensive and chemical-induced. So instead of buying pore strips, just make your own homemade blackheads remover! You can be sure that it is cheap and natural.

Remove Your Blackheads through Natural Products

Homemade peel off masks take out blackheads, dead skin, and oil and open skin pores. The ingredients used are effective in tightening the skin, cleaning out the pores, and of course, getting rid of blackheads. To help you choose the most effective one, I will be providing 2 different kinds of homemade peel-off masks or homemade blackheads removers as alternatives to those masks you can buy in beauty shops. I can assure you that these are easy to do!

Egg Yolk Peel-Off Mask

Egg Yolk Peel Off Mask


  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 tablespoon gelatin
  • 2 tablespoons organic milk


  1. Clean your face to open up the pores.
  2. Beat the egg white lightly.
  3. Mix the gelatin and milk.
  4. Heat the gelatin and milk mixture over a gentle flame. Stir constantly until the gelatin dissolves. Transfer to a bowl.
  5. Let it cool. Then add the egg and mix well.
  6. Spread the new mixture over your face and let it set for 20-30 minutes.
  7. Peel off the face mask, starting at the chin and moving upwards.
  8. Rinse with warm water.  

Honey and Milk Peel Off Mask


  • 1 tablespoon organic raw honey
  • 1 teaspoon organic milk


  1. Mix the organic raw honey and organic milk.
  2. Heat it for 5-10 seconds in the microwave and then mix again to blend thoroughly.
  3. Cool it and when the temperature’s bearable, apply a thin layer over your face.
  4. Let the mask dry for at least 20 minutes and carefully peel the strip away. Rinse with cold water and moisturize.

I know what you thought of upon seeing these alternatives: wow, these are pretty easy! That’s what I thought as well. Aside from being easy, doing a homemade blackheads remover is also practical. You will surely save money because the ingredients you will use are things you can find at home. You won’t be needing unnecessary, expensive, and hard-to-find ingredients.

Lastly, you can be sure that your homemade blackheads remover is natural, safe, and clean. This is probably the most important thing of why you must create your own homemade blackheads remover instead of buying one. You are free from chemicals and unwanted ingredients that may cause harm on your face and health.

Baby Candy Loves hopes that you will now start making your own homemade blackheads remover because of its benefits. You may also share this wonderful beauty product with your friends to also make them go with the natural and of course, blackheads-free!


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