Home-made Lipstick

Home-made Lipstick

Women, and even some men are really fond of wearing makeups. Cosmetic products help them to improve their physical appearance as well as to boost their confidence. Usually, people go for simple and light makeup just to produce glowing skin that will basically make them elegant and positive the entire day.

One of the makeup essentials that women have and always bring with them is the lipstick. A lipstick is a cosmetic product that contains pigments, waxes, and oils just to name a few. Its purpose is to bring glow to the lips by the colors, texture, and protection that it gives off to the lips. Just like any other cosmetic product, a lipstick has a variety of colors and types. Also, lipsticks are typically, but not exclusively, worn by women. There may be some instances that men use lipsticks.

Since lipsticks are mostly worn by women, they have become a symbolism of femininity. Women are expected by society to wear lipsticks or lip balms.

But lipsticks, just like most of the commercially available cosmetic products, are also made with chemicals and potentially harmful ingredients that can impose health risks on the users. Health risks such as nervous system damage, burning and blistering of the lips and skin surrounding the lips, skin and lips irritation, different allergies, and even cancer are just some of the risks one might acquire from using lipsticks induced or created with too much chemicals.

The said risks vary from being a low health risk, moderate health risk, to being a high health risk. It depends on how intense or severe the damage inflicted on the makeup user.

So with these risks and dangers said, will you still risk your health and beauty just to feel pretty? I bet not! That is why I am going to present a very straightforward, all-natural homemade red lipstick! I decided to try doing the red one because red is the most common color that women buy and use and also because in my opinion, red is the most appealing lipstick color. How about you, what do you think is the most captivating lipstick color?

Elegant Homemade Red Lipstick

Anyway, before I start telling the ingredients and directions to follow, I would like to discuss the benefits of doing your very own homemade red lipstick. First (and probably the most important) is that this beauty product is all natural. It just means that the health risks you might get from the commercial lipsticks are not present in this homemade lipstick. You will not feel worried or scared about having those risks.

Second is that you will save a lot of money. By a lot, I really mean a lot. Commercial lipsticks that can be bought in beauty shops can cause you a great fortune. But this homemade red lipstick only takes a minimal cost. The ingredients can even be found in your kitchen! Or if not, the ingredients are accessible in your local shops.

Third, by doing this homemade red lipstick, you can show off your creativity and thriftiness. This can also be a great source of relaxation from all of your stresses and problems in life. It is like taking a break from life. And finally, you will feel a sense of pride after you finish doing this homemade red lipstick. Because it is very easy to do, you will not have a hard time doing this.

And now, the moment you have been waiting for. I now present you the ingredients! Just prepare the following and you will not have a hard time creating your own red lipstick.


  • 1 teaspoon Shea butter or cocoa butter
  • 1 teaspoon beeswax
  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil
  • 1/8 teaspoon of beetroot powder (or 1 drop of natural red food coloring with no chemical additives)

After preparing the ingredients, it is now time to prepare yourself in doing this homemade red lipstick.


1. Melt the Shea butter or cocoa butter, beeswax, and coconut oil in a glass jar without a lid in a small pot of simmering (not boiling) water. You will notice that the ingredients will melt quickly because a little amount of each ingredient is used.

2. When melted, remove the mixture from the heat and add the beetroot powder. The beetroot powder is the reason for the blazing red lipstick color. You may also use a natural red food coloring as a substitute. Remember to stir the mixture well

3. Once all the ingredients are mixed well but is still in a liquid form, put the mixture in a container, preferably a lip balm tube. A lipstick container is easily available in beauty shops. In buying, make sure that what you will purchase is resistant to heat. Fill just below the top as it will expand slightly as it cools. Leave the mixture to cool for at least half an hour. Store in a cool place.

And that’s it! It’s really easy and simple right? It is also such a fun thing to do. It is cheap and practical. Not to mention chemical-free! By the time that you are already using your homemade red lipstick, I am sure that you will feel satisfied and proud.


This homemade lipstick creates a smooth, clear lipstick that moisturizes and protects your lips. And do I need to mention it again? Yes, I think so. This homemade red lipstick is made from completely natural ingredients and is safe for us on the lips or skin. You do not need to be very concerned about your health anymore because no harm can be done on you.

To convince you more, Beauty Candy Loves just want to say that there is no better time than now! Start creating your own homemade red lipstick and show off your fancy lips to everyone. Remember to share this incredible recipe to your friends. And maybe you can also share your finished product with them to use as well. Good luck on your shots of doing this homemade red lipstick. Just have fun. Enjoy and stay chic and stylish!


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