How Brands Are Delivering DIY Beauty

DIY Beauty

Through his company, intelligence, beauty, candy supports, loves brands and retailers, as well as their supportive Partner in the optimization and Innovation in every step of the customer. Through a series of consulting services, such as Workshops, Trend safaris and presentations beauty candy loves “corporate teams can help” in the definition of future strategies and in the promotion of their future retail business.

For consumers who deliberately buy health, well-being and the environment, the ingredients are important. As a result, more and more clean beauty marks offer “mix the own” products and opportunities to customize the care of natural skin and Beauty Systems.

The brands with a focus on diy support customers in the production of their own products and additionally facilitate the ingredients and the experience, celebrates the creativity of the individual and the contact with the transparency of the product and keep them effective results. The researchers of beauty candy loves found several brands and retailers, the made in space already in progress.


The beauty retailer on the Internet sells natural beauty marks after testing and approving the products to ensure they keep their promises. Follain is very selective: he saves only 57 marks, and selects only a few products from each brand. Online customers can create a questionnaire on the Follain Website to receive their own skin care Routine and personal recommendations. The Website is also intended to inform consumers about the information about the product and the importance of natural and organic ingredients.

Beauty loli

LOLI Beauty announces the transparency of the product by reducing its products to natural ingredients and informing consumers how to mix the ingredients at home. Each cosmetic product LOLI contains natural ingredients and recipes with a different approach: face, body, hair or bath. LOLI, i.e. living, organic and amorous ingredients, focuses on seasonal compounds of natural origin and introduces new and exotic ingredients for consumers when available.


The skin care mark Ktchn Apothecary guarantees the performance by showing the customer, to mix the active ingredients of the products at home. The delivered package contains accurate measurements of pure ingredients such as aloe, essential oils and natural beeswax. The kit contains three clear instructions for mixing (mixing, heating, shaking) to produce a solution within 10 minutes. The KTCHN Apotehcary process enables a more effective product that does not require dilution or chemicals to keep other humectants stable.

Oleum Vera

The cosmetics brand DIY Oleum Vera connects consumers with raw cosmetic ingredients, and many recipes to develop your own personalized products. The kits from Oleum Vera contain a variety of essential oils, natural products and accessories that produce, such as a book of recipes that emphasize different forms mix the ingredients for creating eight to 10 products per kit. By providing raw ingredients and education, Oleum Vera offers customers the knowledge to regain physical care and adapt it to their unique needs.


Brandless offers a DIY beauty package with six ingredients for home-made wetlands, showmen, and more. The antioxidants in olive oil make it an excellent moisturizer for hair, skin and nails. Coconut oil can be used to Make-up clean brush, or to hydrate the dry skin, and the brown sugar is a natural ruminants, which can be mixed with Oil to act like a ruminant. Adding agave nectar organic mask beauty-homemade helps moisturize the skin, and the apple vinegar can be used as a tonic and soothing effect for the skin when diluted with water, because it is very acidic. Finally, the mixture of oats cut from steel with honey and olive oil can be used as a soft, moisturizing exfoliating agent.

By giving consumers the opportunity to take action and practical products, especially for those who want to promote their bodies, brands and retailers, a deeper sense of commitment and make a commitment to transparency. For more information about Trends, see”beauty candy loves”.


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