How To Grow Long Lashes

How To Grow Long Lashes

I have always been obsessed with having long luscious lashes, but not everyone is born with super long lashes that goes on for days.

Here’s a few things you can do to get healthy looking, long lashes.


Try And Wear Fake Lashes Less:

Many current glues on the market contains formaldehyde, ammonia and other harsh chemicals- this results in dry ad brittle lashes (which I definitely don’t want!). When using fake lashes try and use a clue that contains biotin, this makes lashes strong.


Give Your Lashes Some TLC:

Try not to rub your eyes vigorously and use rich oil to remove your eye makeup ( olive oil is a great one and can be found in your pantry). Gently massage the entire eyelid are, including your lashes – in a circular motion. The massaging stimulates blood flow to the hair and this helps with hair growth.


Eat Better:

Being healthy also helps for great lashes. Try and eat a vitamin rich diet with tons of protein, fruits and vegetables, don’t forget to drink lots of water too… This encourages hair growth as well.


Remove Makeup Carefully:

Make it a habit to always remove all your eye makeup before heading to bed, If you leave your mascara on during the night it can cause breakage and that’s the opposite of what we want! Use an oil based makeup remover pad. Before removing your makeup with the pad, dampen a wash cloth with warm water to help loosen the mascara that way it will remove easier.


I hope these tips are helpful, please let me know if there are any other tips that can help getting beautiful long lashes.