How to make a move a success

How to make a move a success

Perhaps move something rather distressing given the organization and stress created by this change. That is why it is important to know what needs to be done to move efficiently. Here’s how you’re gonna make your move a success.

Make the right choice

When you plan to move, one of the first things to do is to see if you’ll have to go through a moving company. Of course, this will depend on several factors such as budget, furniture and items to transport  

However, if it turns out that the move will not be as difficult as expected, you can get help from friends and save a few cents. Of course you will have to warn them in advance to avoid unforeseen events.


One thing we forget to do often during a move is sorting! If you have a lot of business, you should get rid of some items to optimize the space of your new home. If you can not part with these objects because of their sentimental or pecuniary value, you can store the objects in question in a mobile guard in the Yvelines if you live in the Ile de France.

Organize yourself

During a move, organizing it is of paramount importance. You will need several days to sort your things and take care of the details regarding D-Day, time, optimization of space in the moving van, cartoons, budget and accessibility of places.


A crucial step in the move is the packaging of the business. This must be done gently especially in the case of fragile objects. In this case, it is strongly recommended to use soap bubbles or bath towels to protect the objects in question. Apart from caution when packing, it is also important to fill the boxes intelligently! How? Collecting the objects of each room in one or more boxes labeled in this sense, for example, a cardboard with the label of the bathroom containing towels

Note: it is important to provide additional boxes in case of unforeseen events, namely if there is more than expected or if one of them is torn.

Beauty candy loves wanted you to make that move a success! It just needs a little planning and organization to make your move smoothly!  


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