June Goals

We are already 2 weeks into June, but I thought it would be fun to set some goals for myself this June and to share these goals with you guys. I am not one to set goals, I know some of them I am not able to accomplish so instead of setting these goals for myself and get disappointed. I have been trying to change my mind set especially with setting small wins for myself. Here are my Top 5 June Goals I have set for myself…


1 – Spend less money on MAKEUP! This is something that every woman struggles with, especially when you are a beauty blogger – I love testing new makeup and buying new makeup to try out. It also burns a whole in my pocket, spending money on things I really don’t need instead of saving it.

2 – Take Vitamins! Vitamins has not been something I have really taken, and this could also have been the cause of my health being like a rollercoaster. My body clearly doesn’t get all Vitamins and nutrition it needs to taking Vitamins will help with this.

3 – Better Photography. I am constantly trying to better my photography for the blog. In the future, I would love to upgrade to a DSLR camera, but for now my Samsung S7 will have to do.

4 – Read MORE – I have not read a book in years, honestly, I miss it. I would love to make more time to read some new books, with a full-time job and running a blog it’s tough to make time.

5 – Create More Content – Life has been busy; my day job has become really demanding and by the time I get home I am exhausted. I do want to invest more time into Beauty Candy Loves and create more content. At the moment, I do post about 3 – 4 times a week but I would like to have this more consistent.

These are goals I would love to keep around and keep improving on and not have it just for the month. What goals have you guys set for yourself for the month of June?