Matchmaker: Dating Site Review

matchmaker-mobile-app-03 Matchmaker Review

Matchmaker is pretty bare compared to other services, but it might be right if you just want to have some fun.

Creating the Matchmaker profile is much faster than others, allowing you to view matches quickly.
Matchmaker does not provide personality matches.

Editor Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but the top ten reviews are no longer updating the information of this product.

Matchmaker is a suitable online dating site with a simple interface, different search ways, and two ways to communicate. This is one of the smallest sites and has the oldest average age of visitor profiles.

Setting up a profile is pretty simple. You start by entering your location, explaining what makes you unique and listing your current relationship status. There are additions to the usual profile questions, however, such as high school in addition to college and religiosity level along with specific religion. Photos are small in profiles; you need to click on a photo to see a larger version, but you can add a caption.

Matchmaker offers a variety of ways to search for matches – from a basic search determined by age and location to a search for people currently logged into the service. These searches produce faster search results than most other online dating sites. Matching skills are not as sophisticated as other sites because they do not have personality profiles to compare.

To communicate with other members, Matchmaker offers instant messaging, expressions of interest, and email. Search for the heart near a member’s list: half a red heart indicates that one member has seen the other; a completely red heart indicates that you have seen each other. You can also send a person a digital gift such as a sweet, flowers, a pet or a plush toy.

matchmaker-mobile-app-01 Matchmaker Review  Matchmaker Review

Chat rooms and the ability to mark members as favorites are two additional site features available on Matchmaker. The Best Online Dating Sites offer many more features than this, such as the ability to send recommendations on friends, but there are advantages to this site.

You should not have trouble navigating with Matchmaker. Photos are smaller in the lists, which makes it more difficult to determine the level of interest without further clicks. it has a separate FAQs page from the topic as well as a convenient email form to receive answers to your support questions.

matchmaker-mobile-app Matchmaker Review

The company also provides a page of tips for support in your dating life. From here you can get advice on how to act during a date and how to overcome and avoid insecurities about yourself and your dating skills.

Matchmaker is not known enough to provide the large dating pool that others in our online dating review can. There are potential dates available, though, and this is one of the least complicated dating sites out there, which could be perfect if you don’t have much time to invest in this process.


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