{Review} Real Techniques Eyes Starter Set

There’s no denying that beauty tools makes a huge difference when it comes to makeup application. With such a wide variety of makeup brushes to choose from it’s easy to get totally lost and not know what brushes you actually need. Real Techniques has got to be one of the most known and loved makeup tools brand across the globe. They have also released a few different brush sets to make things easier for us, God knows how useless I can get when it comes to these things but I have found that these sets help so much. Today I share my thoughts on my newest collection of Real Techniques brushes I purchased the Real Techniques Eyes Starter Set. View Post

Winter Home Décor Inspiration

Winter is coming… The weather has changed dramatically in Cape Town , the sunrises later and there’s a chill in the air. I am a huge fan of Winter, I am really looking forward to cozying it up and hibernating. With a new season looming over us , it also means I need to change out some Summer inspired pieces – gone are bright colours and in are the deep reds, silver and greys. Today’s post I will be sharing some Winter Home Décor Inspiration, hopefully you guys will also get inspired. View Post