PerfectMatch: Dating Site Review

perfect-match-logo-scaled PerfectMatch Review

PerfectMatch is a site oriented towards a more advanced age group with a more selective perspective.

The matching system provides numerous compatible matches based on your personality profile.
The dating pool is more limited than others.

Editor Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but the top ten reviews are no longer updating the information of this product.

PerfectMatch emphasizes personality and values that match above all: what is inside is what matters. Matching is based on a proprietary system called Duet Analysis, developed by Dr. Pepper Schwartz. This online dating site provides a new approach with its multiple choice icebreakers and relationship analysis system.

It takes about half an hour to complete the Personality Inventory test along with standard physical information and open questions. The results of the duet are grouped into four categories of opposite pairs, very similar to the Myers-Briggs personality inventory:

  1. Romantic Impulsivity: Risk/Risk Abstention
  2. Personal Energy: Relaxed / High Energy
  3. Outlook: Optimistic/Cautious
  4. Predictability: Variety / Predictability Search

The results offer a detailed analysis of each of these factors and the system continues to measure complementary factors, core values and more. You can take the test as many times as you want and send the results to friends.

perfect-match-dating PerfectMatch Review

You can further develop your profile by answering open questions, and the Life & Lovestyle section will help you share information about hobbies, pets, and other personal information.

The results of the personality test will be widely used when searching for a date. With the unique compatibility search feature you can search by similarity factors (who you take risk, high energy, optimistic and look for predictability) or by complementary factors (flexibility, decision-making style, emotionality and self-nourishment.) PerfectMatch offers great search tips to help you consider matches outside of your normal type. It also offers the most common searches by age and zip code and by keyword.

The dating service includes informative pie charts to help you rate your matches. You will learn how many people have the same type of personality and what types would complement yours. This information can inform your searches.

There are a few ways to communicate on PerfectMatch. You can send an icebreaker, which is a collection of multiple choice questions for someone you are interested in, or you can send an email. Icebreaker questions vary from can openers like ” What kind of movies do you like?”and” where’s your dream vacation?”to the upholsterers of conversation as opinions about housework, childcare and betrayal. The email window includes both a character count and a spell checker, a feature many other online dating sites do not offer.

perfect-match-dating-01 PerfectMatch Review

This is not the best known dating site, so the potential dating pool is not as great as with some competitors. In addition, browsing the site takes longer than some of the other online dating services, but it will be worth it in many cases. PerfectMatch is a great personality inventory tool. You will learn a lot about yourself and your potential friends before meeting in person. This can represent a time saving in the end, because you only meet people with real potential.


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