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Editor Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product.

Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but the top ten reviews are no longer updating the information of this product.

This website is proud of the lowercase logo, ” udate.”But just because the” u ” is small doesn’t mean you’ll be treated small on their website. udate is a great supporter of the service.

udate is the only website we reviewed that provides details about your members ‘ habits so that you can judge which of your matches has the most potential. For example, you can check the status of each member profile that you kept in your favorite folder. Can you say exactly when they were last? and if they read the email you sent. These and other details allow you to judge the level of interest of each person you contact.

udate search options are different from most other sites. First, you can choose Preferences from a large list and then classify the importance of each. This is a good way to find people with similar profiles without deleting those that don’t exactly match. However, the process is not intuitive and requires patience to learn.

In addition, the geographical search tool is misleading. udate allows you to start a search, but only within your state. Our first impression is too restrictive. However, the search engine returned people from four neighboring states. So the expectation of only receiving matches from your state is not entirely accurate.

uDate-website  Review: Udate

Like many dating sites, completing the basic profile is simple. But you will need to put more time to fill detailed profile questions and preferences. It took about 15 minutes to complete the entire profile.

A peeve pet-this site does not allow you to select the password. udate selects it for you, and it is not easy to remember. Later they send you an email with the password so that you can keep it in case you forget.

This site has some of the most important features that you will need for successful online dating; but the naming strategy is unique. For example, instead of clicking a search button, udate calls its search button matches. People who have” seen ” your profile are coming out, and their member reflector area is the gallery. New names take a while to figure it out.

A udate feature offers that most other sites do not—the ability to see everyone who has looked closely at your photo. Another plus – you can tell if the recipient opened the mail from you.

In the Encounters folder, you can tell how someone found you-was it through a specific type of search or browsing the website? You can also see if they e-mailed you. In meetings, you see a thumbnail view and information for each member, including when they were last on udate, as you have found, how you found them and the date and type of your last contact. All these valuable data are together on one page.

To keep track of your matches, udate helps to list them in order of compatibility. And when you click on an individual, you can see where the match or clash can be.

uDate-website-01  Review: Udate

udate is an average site with great potential. The dating page gives you a level of detail that will help you track all your online relationships at a glance.

One last plus—you will not receive stale profiles from udate. No one who appeared in the search had left udate; all were active within 29 days. udate constantly keeps their profiles up to date, and only this is worthy of respect.


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