LA Girl Cosmetics Strobe Lite Strobing Powder


LA Girl Cosmetics are definitely one of my all time favourite pharmacy brands – they almost always deliver on quality! Theres quite a few of their products I have been obsessed with namely their matte lipsticks , concealers and bb creams. When I think of LA Girl Cosmetics I think of amazing , affordable products. I purchased one of their brand new LA Girl Cosmetics Strobe Lite Strobing Powder a few weeks ago. View Post

New Beauty Buys

I have been so naughty lately! When it comes to purchasing makeup, I have been doing pretty well in saving my money, because a car is not cheap! But I needed a few beauty items, my makeup is just not cutting it in some areas and my skin has been acting up. The last two weeks I purchased from Takealot and Dischem stores, I’ve seen so many of these products on other South African beauty blogs. If you guys are perhaps interested in my new beauty buys, then keep on scrolling… View Post

September Beauty Favourites


The closer we get to the end of the year the quicker the months are flying by,  or is it just me? September has come and gone and I’m left puzzled at where all the time went it feels like I’ve just been spending all my days at work dealing with an end of year rush with a never ending pile of work that just won’t end leaving me with little to know time spent on actually living and enjoying Spring. View Post

My Favourite Eyeshadow Palettes

My Favourite Eyeshadow Palettes_01

I have been in the process of growing my eyeshadow palette collection for the last year and so far I am pretty pleased with what I got.  Now I know I don’t have as many as many of you ladies do but considering that these palettes can last such a long time I am trying not to buy anymore which is actually harder then I thought the obsession of makeup is real! I thought I would share with you guys my current favourite eyeshadow palettes just to give you an idea the type of colours I like. View Post