Taking A Break


I know you guys are probably expecting a beauty tip Tuesday post , but unfortunately I won’t be posting one today…

Infact I decided to take a week from blogging to celebrate my birthday which is tomorrow and also to unwind and relax for once. Having a day time job and a blog to maintain get’s quite tiring so I decided to just chill out and what better way then to relax and enjoy my hoiday as well as my Birthday. I will be 25 years old and to be honest it feels like just yesterday I had my 18th birthday, time really flies!


I also would just love to thank all you beauties who has ever commenting or liked y posts, you guys honestly have no idea how much your support means to me, all I am is a normal young lady from Cape Town, South Africa.. Who doesn’t have any friends and started a blog in the hope of making new friends and sharing the things I love. I have always been the shy girl, the black sheep of my family who never really had anyone to talk to, but starting Beauty Candy Loves has changed my life, thank you all for touching my life more then you could ever imagine.


Talk soon, love Candice xoxo