Turquoise “The Master Healer”


Introduction to turquoise

The most legendary of all stones, turquoise crystal has reached the status of a rock star in the world of healing minerals. Its beautiful green-blue hue made an appearance in ancient Egypt around 6000 BC where it was incorporated into protective amulets and Royal bling for the types of King Tut and Cleopatra. One of the first precious stones to be extracted, the turquoise crystal meaning was considered a sacred stone by the Native Americans, who used it as a powerful healing tool to create a connection between heaven and Earth. At the cellular level, this all-in-one stone is considered a master healer because it promotes an energy flow of the highest vibration of love, the spiritual super food to heal the world.

Meaning Of Turquoise

In crystal healing, the turquoise crystal stone meaning is associated with personal protection, making it a popular protective shield for ancient warriors heading to battle. The bright and stunning shade of turquoise crystal was discovered in the ceremonial masks and battle March of the Aztecs, a tribe that worshiped this decorative stone for its ability to provide personal protection against negative forces. In the case of the ancients, he served as a bodyguard against the invasion of the Marauders and other challenges of antiquity. According to the Persian legend, it was believed that the turquoise crystal stone brought luck when it reflected the light of the new moon.

Meaning Of Turquoise

Protective stone used for thousands of years, turquoise is the spiritual balm of a heart that has been cracked by old emotional wounds and chronic stress. Modern life may not be an episode of Game Of Thrones, but it has its share of eyebrow lifting moments. Wherever you are on your journey, let turquoise be your oasis of welcome in a spiritual desert, a stone with energetic vibrations linked to the vital elements of water and air.

French for the word ‘Turkish’, The Meaning of turquoise crystal has become well known on all continents, thanks to the ancient trade routes of the Silk Road, which brought this precious stone from Turkey to Western Europe. Turquoise quickly became the toast of Europe, making its way into the royal lineage that can be traced to Marie-Louise and her royal tiara, a wedding gift from her husband Napoleon I.

Healing Properties Of Turquoise

Here is an interesting historical News: the vibrant and distinctive colors of the turquoise crystal stone adds a pop of color to the decorative facades of sacred sites, including the Taj Mahal in India. Ranging in shades of blue-green depending on its copper and iron content, the turquoise crystal meaning is the bright color that evokes the image of dazzling waters surrounding an island paradise. Similar to the Emerald, This crystal symbolizes the oceans that flood the surface of the Earth. But what makes this stone stand out is its natural spider web pattern, a remarkable visual effect thanks to the deposits of iron oxides.

Turquoise Properties

turquoise-healing-crystal Turquoise Properties

Bring turquoise to the party, and you’ll always have a shoulder to cover your back. Just like quartz and its ability to power electronics and watches, turquoise crystal healing properties are programmable, allowing you to rock at your highest vibration by setting specific healing intentions. A good luck charm for health and abundance, use turquoise to realign your energy centers, helping clear the path to a higher consciousness.

Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of tranquility and calmness when you enhance the effects of Crystal turquoise properties by incorporating it into your daily meditation. With this magic stone, it always remains linked to the healing energy of water, the vital element that supports the planet and the origins of life itself. Simply observing the stone and saying positive affirmations, such as ” I am healed”, keep the turquoise close and use it to help unlock the infinite possibilities of the universe.

Eye-catching and vibrant, turquoise jewelry adds a little color to your outfit, bringing a welcome brightness to a basic, everyday wardrobe. It also raises spirits and promotes well-being by feeding all chakra centers. You look fabulous and heal your heart. It is a 2-in-1-fashion statement that we can get back. If turquoise has entered your life, it’s a sign that you need its healing powers. As a multi-vitamin for your soul, the turquoise crystal is a gem when it comes to giving you a charismatic glow that comes from a renewed sense of self-confidence.

Wear a turquoise necklace from the heart and feel the healing effects of its positive and stimulating vibrations. The color of a holiday paradise and its breathtaking waters, turquoise is a beautiful reminder of your happy place, a spiritual lullaby to calm any emotional storm that could blow through your world. Meditate with turquoise healing properties and enter a state of quiet relaxation when floating dreamily along its proverbial river of tranquility.


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